POC youtubers

DISCLAIMER – I am white (like pasty never-been-in-sunlight white) so I can’t speak from experiences of anyone who is black, asian, polynesian or any other race other than white. Also, I am including any marginalised races {as mentioned above} in people of colour. Sorry if I use wrong terminology. I fully acknowledge the privledge I have been granted, just from being born white, and am so appreciative of all these youtubers.

So, a Youtuber I like called Emma Blackery [I would highly suggest checking her out] made this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlWPKYQDtc4 about Youtubers of colour. I am subscribed to about fifty nine people on Youtube, and this video made me realise that a lot of them are white. Emma has some great recommendations for youtubers of colour, who do vlogging, sketch comedy, challenges and all the other youtube madness, so definitely check out her video!

I’m just going to point out my favourite youtubers of colour (before subscribing to any of emma’s suggestions) and I am sure they would love it if you checked them out- THEY ARE ALL AMAZING!! All linked below

  1. WhySoShayD – Shay does a lot of awesome videos! She has only recently started this channel and doesn’t have heaps of videos, but she does vlogs, storytimes that sort of thing. I don’t really like vlogs, but I love Shays- she really lovely and kind.

  2. Melanie Martinez – just the best music and gorgeous videos and amazing and wow thanks Melanie.

  3. SEEMILE – obviously this is Asian its a korean teaching channel. It’s really great, suggested if you want to learn Korean 🙂 🙂

  4. NerdyandQuirky – sabrina is hilarious and i love every word she says. I find myself singing her song ‘some nights i stay up cashing in my bad luck some nights i just wanna be hannah hart’ so thanks mate you are my best friend now. She also makes a heap of cool history videos which are COOOL.

  5. Jeremy Green – Jeremy does the most fantastic viola covers of popular and awesome songs, and I love listening to his covers when 

  6. Bustle – Bustle is a bigger channel, are way cool and feature/talk about racial issues.

  7. Safiya Nygaard – saf uploads everything~ product reviews, chatty stuff and saf is the bomb diggity

  8. Anna Akana – okay, Anna Akana is one of my favourite humans in the world. Anna legit helped me through some of the hardest times in my life, because she posts hilarious comedy videos and really real time talk videos, about her sisters suicide and mental illness and bullying. Anna has been such an inspiration to me, and I can’t wait until her book comes out!! (lil plug for her book right there)

  9. College Humour – College humour is a bigger channel, who have a lot of writers and actors of colour and feature a lot of content talking about race, racial prejudice in a comedic way. just so funny and I binge watch the comedy guys thankssss

  10. Heizle – Heizle does korean makeup, and I love the makeup and the korean and beautiful amazing heizle

  11. Studio C – studio c is some of the funniest stuff i have ever set my eyeballs on. they do sketch comedy, and Stacey and Jeremy are two hilarious guys XD

  12. Reality Bytes – Stephanie Beatriz and Courtney Kocak have this fantastic podcast that talks about love, dating and relationships in the digital age, and bring into discussion important issues including race and ethnicity. They are both such cool gals and they are just awesome so thanks gaaalllsss (is it clear that i am uncomfortable saying gals for come reason?!)

  13. Lavendaire – Aileen is this awesome human bean who posts lifestyle thingies and organisation and just motivational cool stuff

  14. Button Poetry – button posts amazing works by amazing poets, and so many talk about the racial prejudice and discrimination they have experience. slam poetry is my jam and i love watching other talented beautiful express themselves through the magic of words.

    Sooo.. yes!! I would suggest you check out all these people because they are SO cool. Shoutout to you all and parsnips.

    \\ links \\

    WhySoShayD- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrF73mnKfH0LlP-6Fa6TcUw

    Melanie Martinez- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2YnEq5Fc5_zEO6bo0oNzCQ

    SEEMILE- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKIicR8VM3HczwmJM9UxtTw

    NerdyandQuirky- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqVEHtQoXHmUCfJ-9smpTSg

    Jeremy Green- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJb97OZlSX8rFRm9C4zWYzQ

    Bustle- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHcIcCNAULM4qWs6-9Iy-Tw

    Saf- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbAwSkqJ1W_Eg7wr3cp5BUA

    Anna Akana- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZC45sBWNdkqSQ9Bwtt5lfA

    College Humour – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPDXXXJj9nax0fr0Wfc048g

    Heizle – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO-7CJCtOqw1yqh3y8owGfg

    Studio C – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsZXuHKonP9utl5q2hFCkgA

    Reality Bytes – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoe_lGkI0v3lw49MsbJiOBQ/featured

    Lavendaire – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5DH3eN81b0RGJ7Xj3fsjVg

    Button Poetry – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ga3onzHSJFAGsIebtVeBg


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