actual humans

So, over the past week, I have had two people like my blog posts. And yes, I don’t know if they were just trying to get me to notice their blogs (if so it worked, good jobs you two.) But it made me think, after having someone other than my grandfather and brother comment on this, the reach some people can have.

Before you sigh, I’m not putting myself on this pedestal and saying everyone should this blog (they should wink wink.)

I’m talking about Youtubers and Bloggers and internet people who reach people all over the world. And who help people feel comforted, and not isolated in whatever their individual situation may be. And I think that that’s pretty cool.

So thanks guys (I’m talking to you, Anna Akana and Melanie Murphy!)


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  1. Grand father says:

    should READ this blog….. I alway get your grindmother to check what I writee as I too make mistakes. I guess the www as a source of support and comfort is very useful as is reading books and talking with people but as you well know those two activities should have descriptors namely “healthy, positive” books and “trustworthy” people.
    You no doubt know better than me that out there in cyberspace are, for the want of a better word, wolves. The truth is hard to find especially when you are seeking comfort. The “isolated in whatever their individual situation…” are the most vulnerable and at risk. Old lonely people are scammed for millions by the hungry wolves.
    PS G ma did not check this 🙂


  2. Grand father says:



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