a list of bright things

  1. the sun
  2. the stars
  3. the sun sparkling through azure sky lying on the grass and blind yourself by brightness
  4. the stars burning bright thousands and millions of years away
  5. a childs eyes fresh and new perspectives clear on the world
  6. glazed donuts
  7. sunrises pastel and shining and heavy
  8. glitter because yes i am still five years old and glitter is fantastic
  9. waking up to smell of bananas and rose and french vanilla tea stretch pull the curtains wide sunshine spills onto your face
  10. the feeling of breathing after a panic attack like surfacing breaking through water
  11. sitting on the porch and smiling at 5am as the sun breaks through the horizon and embracing the feeling of knowing that today has been born anew


(this is sort of a list sort of a poem i dunno i might keep doing this)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Grand father says:

    Thank you.
    Oh yes I guess you know but one bright thing you failed to mention (probably due to unnecessary modest) ………. Emily.

    Thank you. Your list has brightened my day. How are tricks? Are you and Max not answering your Kakao talk.

    Peace and grace


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