grief, loss and cheezels

So, today I went to a memorial for a close family friend who recently passed away. (if you would care to read back at my weird dreams post, that’ll give you a bit of background info).

And I am not going to make this post very funny, so sorry if you were expecting a bundle of laughs.

My friend- again, we will call her Kelly. Kelly’s family didn’t let her have a funeral, which I think is dumb, so Kelly’s friends got together to celebrate her life in a little memorial service down at a dam/lakey thing near Noosa. We ate sausages and cheezels, swam in the dam, reminisced.

Kelly + her children had been my neighbours, so I didn’t know a heap of her friends, but it was lovely to meet them and talk about how wonderful an influence Kelly had on our lives. I talked about it with some people, and I think that the biggest thing Kelly has given to me is learning about judgement, in both the sense that she never judged me and that I therfore learned not to judge others. (I was a bit of a judgy eleven year old)

So thanks Kelly. If you’re reading the internet from heaven or some afterlife or wherever you are, you are missed. People are greiving for you. But most of all Kelly, you and your beautiful daughters and all so deeply loved.


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  1. Robin Beiers says:

    Thank you. We have begun to remember the daughters in our prayers, as there is nothing else we can do and it is the most powerful/effective way to influence their lives.


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