Korean Language Basics – Alphabet

Lets go over the Korean alphabet, because I am bored and the internet exsists.

Quick history lesson for you guys (who am I kidding, no one reads this), the Korean alphabet is called 한 글 [hanguel]. It was created by a dude called Sejong- well, King Sejong if you want to get specific- so that the Korean people could have their own language. Pretty cool guy.

Looking at romanized pronunciation, this is the Korean alphabet broken down for you guys.


KEY : symbol – (name for letter) sound

ㄱ – (gkiok) G / K

ㄲ – (ssang gkiok) strong G / K

ㄴ – (nieun) N

ㄷ – (tdeegut) D

ㄸ – (ssang tdeegut) strong D

ㄹ – (rliel) L

ㅁ – (mieum) M

ㅂ – (bpiub) B

ㅃ – (ssang bpiub) strong B

ㅅ – (shiot) S

ㅆ – (ssang shiot) strong S

ㅇ – (eung) silent if at the beginning; NG if at the end

ㅈ – (jiut) J

ㅉ – (ssang jiut) strong J

ㅊ – (chiet) CH

ㅋ – (kieok) K

ㅌ – (tiet) T

ㅍ – (pieup) P

ㅎ – (hiet) H


KEY : symbol – name (=) sound

ㅏ – a (park)

ㅑ – ya

ㅓ – e (father)

ㅕ – ye

ㅗ – o (pole)

ㅛ – yoh

ㅜ – u (uluru)

ㅠ – yu

ㅣ – ee (teeth)

ㅡ – NG grit teeth (bring)


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