weird dreams

I will be the first person to admit that I have weird dreams. And before you ask- no, not those sorts of weird dreams. Just totally crazy out-their dreams. I mean, Superman once kidnapped me and my brother and sold us to a petstore, where we sat in the window like sad puppies. I once had a dream where I had to give biscuits to a plane with ducks for passengers so that the pilot could fly.

But I’m going to talk about a different type of weird dream. Dreams about dead people.

This is going to be really uplifting and happy and rainbows and unicorns. (no, no it’s not)

A close family friend of mine committed suicide recently, leaving behind two daughters in a pretty crap situation. I have come to terms with a lot (having gone through depression and fun stuff like that) involving my relationship with death, as this is the first person I have known well that has died.

Because of that I haven’t slept well, so I ended up taking a five hour nap today. Part of my dream was just weird and insane (like, I found a youtube channel with Anna Akana, but her name was Heather.. is Anna leading a double life?!) and then it got real.

I walked into this pastry bread shop thingy and my family friend (we’ll call her Kelly for the sake of privacy) was sitting at the end of the cafe with her children. ‘Kelly’ and I sat and talked, and I stood at the counter and deliberated over what to eat for a long time. Interpretation wise, I think this might be me regretting the time I didn’t spend with her and talk to her. When I sat back down ‘Kelly’ said she had to leave. I hugged her daughters, which is legit the only thing I want to do right now, and looked up at ‘Kelly’. I told her that I didn’t want her to go, and she just hugged me and said, ‘it’s ok. Everyone leaves. It’s ok.’

Rest in Peace.

(told you this wasn’t happy clappy)


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