new years resolutions

I have never been one to make/keep new years resolutions. But I am now!! (apparently.)

This new internet thing is resolution 1 – make a blog and maybe youtube because it’s something I want to do and because I think blogging and stuff could maybe be an outlet. Diary-ing seems intolerable and arduous to me despite the fact that I love writing, which is a cool way to roll up to resolution two.

resolution 2- finish novel?? at least work on my novel. Get a fair chunk of it done at least. The storys about science and experiments and snow and detectives. I really REALLY want to work on this and not fail sooo thats not jinxing it at all.

resolution 3- food. I have an interesting relationship with food, and my goal is to improve that relationship so we can be frieeeends. get at a good weight and track my eating and finally not have dumb bones and BMI stuff.

resolution 4- meditation and exercise is something I want to do, so working on that. Anxiety doesn’t want me to meditate, but I reckon I can ignore anxiety (or let it control me and have panic attacks at 3am but I know which one I’d prefer.) Also, find a good therapist!!

resolution 5- spend less time on my phone and computer and screenity-screens. I’ve done pretty well, as my phone has been dead for the past four days. I want to read and do cool stuff like…

resolution 6- learn how to skateboard.

resolution 7- learn how to play guitar.

resolution 8- learn how to do circusy stuff at a circus class.

resolution 9- language stuff with italian and korean because thats pretty dang cool I think.

resolution 10- get a job. seriously. Start earning your own gosh darned money and working somewhere that’s not mcdonalds. never mcdonalds. You can be cool like that and complain about jobs with other cool people. Maybe they will accept you as a fellow cool person. You can infiltrate their ranks then eat them while they sleep.. wait I’m thinking of maniac vultures.

resolution 11- start being honest. This applies to multiple facets of my life/brain that I gots to work out. Updates soon maybe hopefully.


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