Korea Trip Blogging

January 20th

Ah, the joy of a cold shower in 30+ degree weather. It has certainly been a shock returning to Australia, although I’m just glad that I wasn’t in the position of my younger brother who, on a nine hour flight, vomited into a bag with a hole in it. And, my brother actually reads this blog. See? I told you I was cool and hip and happenin and all that shtuff. Summary, you ask? I shall oblige you. Went to a traditional  korean spa and lay in a room full of salt rocks at 70 degrees Celcius. Missed snow by six hours. six flopping hours. Met a bunch of awesome people. Received one dog bite and two child bites. Had a blast. *wipes tears with one hand and strangles brother with the other*

January 13th

The kids camp is over! Actually, I’m not sure I’ve even mentioned this, but we ran an English kids camp for two weeks. And now it is over ;( I am writing this with a three year old yelling Korean in my ear, so excuse me for lack of focus. Top three camp moments, you ask (yeah, let’s just pretend you ask- and while we’re at it, let’s pretend that Donald Trump isn’t set to ruin the world and that global warming won’t eventually kill us all.) 1.The Chacha Slide. I freakin’ love that dance, and teaching it is awesome and amazing. 2.Breaking barriers. I have always been someone who needs everyone to like me. And being sweared at in Korean sort of helped. Now, I don’t exactly know what transpired, but a kid at the camp said something in Korean, and a leader shook his head and said, ‘no, she’s not.’ And then he refused to tell me what the kid had said, so I am quite dubious as to what that child was saying. Perhaps she discovered that I’m an albino werewolf?! 3.The happiness of distraction. The fact that I had to pull myself up and smile and do stuff when I was going through some crappy stuff actually helped. I had a legitimate excuse to not lay in bed and mope. Fun couple of weeks.

January 10th

Did you know that there is such thing as a dog cafe? And no. We DO NOT eat dogs. You just sit and play with these adorable balls of fluff and joy for an hour and a half. I thought Korea was amazing before, but seriously. And the lady running it was lovely, totally awesome and sweet and she had dogs so we were instantly best friends. I had expected to go indoor fishing. Indoor fishing. And then I ended up swimming in dogs and eating two lunches, tok soup and samgopsal. Day made in heaven.

January 9th

We had dinner at a place in the middle of nowhere, and I think I ate chicken gizzards. It quite disconcerting that I’m not sure. There were stray mountain cats that we could here meowing outside the window, and they now have been named 악마 (which is Korean for butterfly, and is a common name for cats), Mouse, Lasagna, 악마 (which means demon) and Trump because the cat was fat and orange. Like Donald Trump. Do you get the joke? Because.. because Trump’s fat and orange.

January 8th

I have technically been in Korea for almost two weeks, but why not start blogging now?! So I am currently residing in Yeosu which is a city in a place in a bigger place called Korea. And before I get the question, South Korea. I am not in NORTH KOREA. So if anyone comments that I will find you and send you to North Korea. I have been to Korea before and I am happy to be back.


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